Congress Themes and Topics

Congress Theme and Topics

The 19th European Magnetic Resonance Congress takes as its broad theme “magnetic resonance in all its rich diversity”, showcasing the latest in magnetic resonance technology and innovation. It will embrace diversity and inclusion and will take care to ensure gender balance in all its activities. The Congress will especially promote early career stage engagement and support new and emerging talent across all sectors represented by the Congress theme. Being considerate of a green agenda, we encourage delegate and partner participation with this ethos in mind.

As well as the themes listed below, the congress will also cover Tutorial Session on Scientific Publishing, Tutorial Session on Artificial Intelligence in Magnetic Resonance and Foundations of Machine Learning.


Benchtop / Low Field Magnetic Resonance
Theory and Computation
MRI and In-Vivo
Single Molecule/NV
Small Molecule / Drug Discovery
Solution NMR Methods
Solid-State NMR Methods and Applications
Paramagnetic NMR

SEC Centre, Glasgow