Richard R. Ernst Prize Nominations

The Ernst Prize

Nominations are invited for the award of the “Richard R. Ernst Prize in Magnetic Resonance” (The Ernst Prize),named after magnetic resonance pioneer and Nobel Laureate Prof. Richard R. Ernst. The award will be presented at EUROMAR 2023 in Glasgow (Scotland, UK) to recognize ‘recent beneficial applications of Magnetic Resonance’.

The Ernst Prize is intended to award achievements going beyond fundamental research, for ground-breaking applications of new or of previously known techniques in all areas of magnetic resonance. It is intended for research published within the last three years, although the origins of the ideas and experiments may have been described in previous publications. In special cases, and at the discretion of the Prize Committee, the award may be for cumulative achievements over a longer period of time.

The Ernst Prize is intended to be awarded to a single individual; however, it may be awarded to up to three scientists if the Prize Committee deems that their contributions to the development of the applications are of equal value. Former prize recipients include Alex Pines (2016), Robert Griffin (2017), Claudio Luchinat (2018), Daniella Goldfarb and Angela Gronenborn (2019), Clare Grey (2020), Lucio Frydman and Jan-Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen (2021) and Harald Schwalbe (2022).

The Prize comes with a purse of 10,000 Euros; it is sponsored by the Bruker BioSpin Corporation, and is awarded annually at the EUROMAR conference. The 2023 Ernst Prize committee is made by Profs. Lucio Frydman (Chair), Daniella Goldfarb, Angela Gronenborn, Clare Grey, Jan-Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen, Marc Baldus, John Parkinson and Óscar Millet.

How to Nominate

Nominations must include and fulfill the following conditions:

  • Nominations must include the nominee’s name, affiliation, address, phone number, and e-mail.
  • Nominations must include a brief (ca. 200 words) description of the work serving as the basis for the nomination, and a list of relevant publications (~5).
  • Nominees may not have received the Guenther Laukien Prize in the preceding five years.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Nominations for the 2023 Ernst Prize will be considered until March 31st 2023.
  • Nominations should be sent to Lucio Frydman, Chair of the Ernst Prize Committee (


Shimon Vega Travel Award

PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply!

The Shimon Vega Travel Award was established by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel in memory of Prof. S. Vega, who for many decades was an active lecturer and participant at EUROMAR. The travel award consists of $1,000 and will be given to a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow researching in the fields of solid-state NMR and/or DNP.  The applicant must attend the EUROMAR 2023 conference in Glasgow, (Scotland, UK) to accept the award and make either an oral or poster presentation of the lauded work.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Applicant must be a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow at the time of the EUROMAR conference.
  • The research and submitted abstract of the applicant should be focused on solid-state NMR and/or DNP.  
  • Applicant must attend the EUROMAR 2023 conference in Glasgow, Scotland to accept the award and present either a poster or talk.
  • Complete the online application here by March 15th, 2023.

To Apply

Deadline: March 15th 2023

  • Submit one abstract for EUROMAR 2023
  • Complete the Shimon Vega Travel Award on-line application
  • Provide an applicant statement in the on-line application consisting of a maximum of one page describing the current research focus and career goals.
  • Attach one letter of support to the on-line application from the primary research supervisor
Complete the online application here


Raymond Andrew Prize 2023

In memory of Professor Dr. Raymond Andrew and to honour his pioneering work in the field of magnetic resonance, the Groupement AMPERE awards the Raymond Andrew Prize. The prize is given to young scientists for an outstanding PhD thesis in magnetic resonance.

The prize will be presented during EUROMAR 2023 in Glasgow (Scotland, UK) 9-13 July 2023.

On behalf of the AMPERE Prize Committee we would like to thank you for your nominations.

Nominations have now closed and we are delighted to announce the winner of the 2023 Raymond Andrew Prize, Dr. Nino Wili. For more information on the winner, please click here,

For a list of previous Raymond Andrew Prize winners please visit:

Ampere Prize for Young Investigators

The Ampere Prize for Young Investigators is awarded biannually. The prize is intended for an early-career independent researcher less than ten years after graduating with a PhD degree in recognition of his/her achievements in the field of Magnetic Resonance. Candidates are nominated by established group leaders. Nominations need to be received biannually by 15th February 2023.

Nominations should be sent by e-mail to:


Elsevier sponsors four JMR/JMRO Young Scientist Awards at the annual EUROMAR conference, consisting each of a cheque for US $ 500, a one-year electronic subscription to the Journal of Magnetic Resonance, and a Certificate. The awards will be given to graduate students or post-doctoral fellows, whose unsolicited submissions for an oral presentation have been selected based on excellence by the EUROMAR scientific program committee. Before their oral presentations, the awardees are announced as winners of the “JMR/JMRO Young Scientist Awards” by the session chair or an editor of JMR/JMRO.

scottish scientists bursary information

To support attendance of Scottish scientists at EUROMAR 2023, the SHF (Scottish High Field) NMR Centre and SNUG are delighted to be offering up to 12 bursaries worth £300 each to current PhD students or PDRAs based in a Scottish University or research institute. PhD recipients will have their registration fees waived, while the PDRA registration fees will be reduced to the level of PhD students for successful applicants. Applicants must be submitting an abstract to present a poster at the Congress, and should also register to attend via the EUROMAR 2023 website by midnight on Sunday 24th April 2023. For more information on the bursaries and to apply, please follow the link: